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Monday, September 23, 2019

The Best Home laser Hair Removal Permanently Top 5 Devices

The best home laser hair removal permanently Top 5 devices

The Philips Lumea is the best home laser in the last decade. It is the best selling home hair removal device in the past five years. But surely there are many brands that compete strongly and Philips Lumia, which is led by Brown Silk Expert, Remington and Tria Beauty.

In this article we will showcase and compare the most important versions of brands that offer a home laser and compete with Philips Lumia. This guide was prepared based on the analysis of the data of the largest electronic stores (Amazon, eBay and

The data included more than 300 evaluations of more than 50 home laser device versions. We hope that you can choose the best home laser hair removal after reading this guide.

Best Home Laser (Table of Contents)

IPL or Diode Laser Hair Removal

When considering the choice of a home laser device comes to mind the nature of the technology used in this device. If you have already started to search and identify these devices, you certainly saw these terms.

For centuries, commercial companies have begun to think about solutions on permanently removing hair from the body. It started 30 years ago to produce permanent hair removal devices using electrolysis.

But the techniques that have emerged recently proved to be very effective, making it the most successful way to get rid of hair permanently. These technologies are diode-laser and IPL. There is little difference between laser or IPL devices, so we will exclude this factor from the factors to be considered when choosing the right home laser.

However, the two methods use energy from both the laser and light as they convert to heat and destroy hair roots, follicles and hair producing cells. Thus inhibition of its growth and disability for a long time may be up to 6 months according to the test laboratory tests for some users. These techniques are one of the safest and easiest ways to remove hair from the body based on the opinions of women who have tested the home laser hair removal device.

In this article we will mention the best home laser device and we certainly mean hair removal devices that operate one of the two technologies, whether laser or intense light IPL.

Mechanism of the work of the home laser device

The home laser device works to heat the hair follicle and this leads to damage and damage to the cells producing hair and loss of function in the growth of hair at a natural pace without affecting the surrounding skin.

This is done by targeting the pigment melanin (responsible for skin color) in the hair and bulb. The hair shaft and bulb absorb the laser beam or condensed light and then convert it into heat. Heat, in turn, heats these parts and damages them and hair producing papilla cells. Thus, these cells lose their ability to germinate hair for a very long time, up to 6 months by up to 56%. This hair removal also lasts up to 3 months by up to 92% after only 3-4 treatment sessions.

The higher the rate of melanin as in black and dark brown hair (dark colors), the better the absorption of flashes and therefore the hair roots heat up quickly and give great results.

If the rate of melanin is low as in white hair or light blond or (light colors), the light will be absorbed very weakly which gives weak results and may not give at all. Add to these light colors red color where the dye type differs from the pigments targeted by the home laser and intense light.

The color of the skin is also important to the work of these devices, which affects the proportion of Malan but reverse the hair completely. The lower the melanin pigment in the skin, the better it is so that the skin does not absorb the rays and cause burns.

Features of home laser hair removal

As mentioned earlier, companies specialized in the field of skin care and beauty of women always strive to provide better methods of hair removal. Here are the most important distinguishes the method of laser hair removal from other methods:

  • Efficacy and efficiency: Even if the term is inaccurate as the removal is not permanent but at least prevent hair growth for up to 6 months.
    • Speed: Laser hair removal is the fastest way as half an hour may be enough to remove hair from all parts of your body. (Using some versions)
    • Precision: It can remove hair from the most difficult parts to the face and bikini area very accurately and safely. (Not comparable to blade or other methods)
    • Safety: The home laser hair removal system uses safety systems consisting of an integrated system, 5 power levels, UV filter, skin color sensor and intelligent sensor. The Smart Sensor automatically selects the power level from 5 levels to match the color of your skin as determined by the skin color sensor.
    • No more wounds from using the blade or even wax pain, sweetness and side effects of hair removal creams.

    Disadvantages of laser hair removal

    Here we will mention in order to the most important remarks talked about by the women who tried and used the home laser device for hair removal and how to deal with them properly:

    • Spare parts: Some machines need to change some parts after a certain time. (Do not recommend buying them)
    • How to connect it to electricity: There are devices work only using the battery, it is wireless and work for only 30 minutes. (Many ladies recommend using wired versions)

    • Color Compatibility: Home laser devices do not work with some colors such as a combination of dark skin tone and light hair color. (But there are new home laser hair removal devices that work perfectly on dark skin)

    Criteria for choosing the best home laser device

    • User satisfaction: expressed by the number of buyers and their rating of 5 degrees (in trusted stores such as Amazon and This criterion is not the most important as many users cross based on their wrong use.
    • Processing lens area: the area of ​​the lens of the lens that is placed on the body the larger the lens the more treated the larger area and the device faster.
    • Accessories: parts that are attached to the device come separately from him. These attachments make it easy to apply to various curved areas of the body. The more accessories you have, the easier it is to handle the device.
    • Age of the device: It is expressed by the number of flashes of light or flash in the home laser device and thus how long the device stays working perfectly. For example, there are home laser hair removal devices come with 300,000 flash and others come with only 5,000 flash.
    • How it works: The way the device works whether it is connected only wired or it works wirelessly battery after charging. Ideally, the device works in both ways. The difference here is in flexibility in use away from power sockets.
    • Method of application: There are devices working by sliding (put the lens on the skin and then press the flash button and drag the device straight along the area). The second way is to seal or print (the lens is placed on the area and press the button once and lift the device and placed on the next area and so on). It is best to use a home laser device that works in both ways.
    • The effectiveness of the device: When I see the results of the device in the disposal of hair and how long it takes to complete the treatment and get rid of all the unwanted hair from the body. The best home laser device gives results from 70% to 92% after only 3-4 sessions.
    • Warranty: Many brands offer a two-year global warranty (Philips Lumia and Braun Silk Expert). It is advisable to buy from dealers or electronic stores that offer a global warranty.

    The best home laser hair removal

    As mentioned earlier, there are many brands and versions in the market that claim to be the best home laser device. The Philips Lumia team has conducted many studies to offer you the best brands and most publications to meet your needs and requirements.

    We have selected some of the best brands in the field of laser hair removal for 2018. The most important of these devices based on the selection criteria mentioned above:

    1. PHILIPS LUMIA IPL 9th Edition (* Update: 10th and newest version added to be the best home laser device yet)
    2. Braun Silk-Expert IPL 5th Generation (2nd in the list of the best home laser after Philips Lumia)
    3. Tria 4X Laser
    4. Remington IPL
    5. Silken Infinity

    Philips Lumia (Prestige 9th Edition SC2009 and 10th BRI956)

    The Philips Home Hair Removal comes in the first place globally based on all criteria for the classification of these devices. Philips is powered by IPL technology and has sold millions of copies in recent years.

    There are three main categories of Philips Lumea:

    1. Philips Lumia Prestige: the highest class of Philips Lumia and carry the best specifications and the highest price.

    2. Philips Lumia Advanced: Philips Lumia middle class with prices and specs.

    3. Philips Lumea Essential Essential: Philips Lumea Essential, economic specification.

    Philips Lumea Laser Features

    User Confidence: Tested by users around the world where millions of copies have been sold and rated at least 4 out of 5 based on over 5,000 ratings.

    Efficacy: results clear and hair-free skin for up to 8 weeks. Reduce hair growth by up to 92% in only 3 treatment sessions. Finally, Lumea's advanced IPL technology prevents hair from growing back under your skin safely.

    Speed: The length of treatment for the lower legs is only 8.5 minutes (in most versions). The results appear after 3 sessions or 2 months of use and the amount of hair is reduced by at least 75%.

    Security: The SmartSkin sensor offers advice on the best setting to use and fits your skin color.

    Ease of use: The world's first IPL device with curved accessories for use on different body areas. The only IPL device with wired and wireless functionality. No spare parts needed. The lamp life is up to 20 years of use.

    Accessories: Philips Lumia features many important accessories to complete and treat various areas of the body.

    Disadvantages of the laser Philips Lumia

    Power: Many of the observations on the way the device is connected to electricity Attention well whether it works with a wired or not a wireless source for each method advantages and disadvantages.

    Wireless versions are flexible but may not help you complete a full epilation session that works for 30 minutes and needs 100 minutes of charging before you can complete the session.

    Wired versions can complete the session no matter how long it takes, but you should be next to the electrical outlet.

    PHILIPS COLOR COMPATIBILITY The Philips Lumia device does not work in all versions on dark skin tones or light body hair.

    The best home laser from Philips Lumia

    The Philips Lumea Prestige SC2009 is the first of all Philips Lumea wired and wireless versions to be the best home laser device.

    The ninth edition combines the advantages of many other versions and this has led to a big boom in sales on this particular version as we have seen through the major global e-stores.

    Soon after, another new machine from the Philips Lumea laser company of the same class Prestige was released. The Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 is the best home laser device on the market today.

    The following is the label and specifications of the Philips Lumia 9:

    Philips Lumia 9th Edition

    from all over the world

    Starting from 400 USD

    20% OFF

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