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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Healthy diet to lose weight 10 kg

Healthy diet to lose weight 10 kg
Normal range of weight loss

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) points out that the normal weight loss rate ranges from half a kilogram to one kilogram per week.This reference is to describe that rate for successful weight loss, meaning not to be re-regained for weight loss again. This is in line with a healthy and balanced diet along with exercise and other activities. [1]

Weight loss 10 kg

The variety of programs and diets that promise to help lose weight is varied, but it should be noted that it takes between three and six months to lose 10 kg of weight, where slow weight loss is considered to be a follow-up. An appropriate diet and exercise program that is more effective and successful than losing it quickly, and is also useful in maintaining slimming more effectively. [2]

Make dietary adjustments

Losing about 10 kilograms of weight requires a reduction in the amount of daily calories consumed. Losing a normal weekly average of weight requires that the calorie intake be reduced by 500 calories per week, which can be achieved by reorganizing nutrients All high-calorie foods, such as potato chips, white bread, soft drinks and the like, are excluded and replaced with protein-rich items such as fish and lean meats, as well as foods with a lower content. For calories Kalkhaddar green leafy, and so forth. [3]

Tips to lose weight 10 kg
Here are some tips to help you lose 10 kilos of weight: [4] 

  • Include resistance exercise in your routine, to take advantage of the associated increased calorie burning as a result of increased metabolic rate due to maintaining muscle mass.
  • Allocate a weekly time of 150-300 minutes for cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, jumping rope, and jogging, because of its effective role in increasing the rate of burning calories and losing weight.
  • Consuming the recommended amount of water, which ranges from one liter to two liters per day, in order to promote metabolism and burning calories, as well as the fact that drinking water during meals increase the feeling of satiety, and thus reduce the calories consumed.
  • Ensure that you get the recommended amount of sleep, which is at least 7 hours a night, to avoid weight gain resulting from increased hunger hormones and increased appetite associated with sleep deprivation.

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