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Monday, August 19, 2019

Treatment of weakness of the muscles of the body

Treatment of weakness of the muscles of the body
Weakened muscles of the body

A large group of people around the world suffer from the problem of muscle weakness, myasthenia, or as it is called in the field of science (Muscle weaknes), where it is one of the common problems that affect the muscles of the body and damage to prevent the acquisition of the necessary strength to perform activities The required life efficiency, including a series of muscular diseases, which cause all the softness and weakness and atrophy of the skeletal muscles in the body, and often directly affect the human mobility, and appear in the form of skeletal abnormalities.

The cause of weakness of the muscles of the body

Muscle weakness is caused by many factors and causes, such as genetic factors or malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy, which immediately reflects on the health of the fetus and its muscular and physical development, as well as hormonal problems that cause a lack of a hormone responsible for muscle performance, and due to the negative impact of this aspect we will review the most prominent treatments To overcome it.

Treatment of weakness of the muscles of the body

Eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in all the essential elements that ensure the integrated growth of the body, so you must get moderate amounts of mineral elements, especially calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and essential vitamins, especially vitamin D, which ensures the best absorption of these elements, essential amino acids and other Necessary needs that are lacking increase the risk of weakening the muscles of the body.

Exercise, especially that ensures increased muscle mass and muscle size, including weight lifting exercises, or lifting heavy weights weighing up to about ninety percent, as this contributes to the increase in the number of muscle fibers in the body, as well as jerk and abduction exercises, and drag As well as pleometrics, or jumping with dumbbells, jogging exercises can also be performed in place as they increase endurance and strength, as well as increase the ability to control, as well as squat and other exercises, and stretching exercises that increase muscle flexibility.

The treatment of various hormonal problems as they directly affect the level of muscle growth, while genetic problems have not found medicine to date radical treatment, as they relate to genes inherited from parents, but can overcome a large proportion of their impact through the conduct of previous life practices.

Note: There are many types of supplements that contain a very high percentage of different proteins that contribute to muscle growth, including what is taken orally and what is taken by needles, but most of these methods affect health negatively, and quickly go Its effect when you stop taking it, that is, the results do not last long.

Video causes of weak back muscles

We need to move back a lot in our day, and any weakness in the muscles may disrupt the whole day! :

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