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Friday, August 16, 2019

How to maintain a healthy body

How to maintain a healthy body
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Health is the most precious thing that a person has in his life and can not compensate with all the money of the world, and does not feel its value to those who suffered from its troubles and diseases, where everyone tries to reach the best health condition in which to avoid the troubles of life and avoid the health problems that may be exposed to it. To say that maintaining the health of the body includes mental health as well as physical health because both reflect on the other and affect it, and some may be ignorant of many things through which he can keep his health as much as possible.

How to maintain a healthy body

Think positively
When a person wakes up in the morning and has a pessimistic mood, he or she is pessimistic.This affects his or her health throughout the day.It also affects the health of his body throughout the day and makes him weak and vulnerable to asthenia.Therefore, a person should be somewhat positive in a way that protects his health and does not expose him to trouble.

Maintain activity and vitality

A person should move and take a break, especially for those who work behind the offices and spend long hours sitting in the same place, some studies have shown that sitting for long periods in the same place increases the risk of death, so take a break every forty-five minutes, or exercise some Light aerobic exercise that will stimulate blood circulation in the body and introduce oxygen to the body tips

Drink plenty of water

Water makes up about half of the body and is necessary for it where it can not function properly if it does not get the right amount of it, so it is necessary to drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day to meet the need of the body of water, in addition to eating foods rich in water .

Take a cold bath

The cold bath stimulates the body's blood circulation and strengthens its immune system.It also improves mood.It pushes the body to produce antioxidants that give the body energetic activity.Therefore, it is preferable to take a cold bath that does not exceed five minutes to give the body vitality and activity.

Playing sports

Sports are important for the body to maintain health and avoid many diseases, such as: heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, and yoga is one of the most important types of sport that strengthen the body's immunity, and protect it from microbes as it improves the psychological, and give it a motivation.

Building friendships and social relations

Studies have shown that social relationships increase the body's immunity and strengthen the heart, and that these diseases increase by 50% in people who do not have extensive social relations, or limited relationships.

Eating too much milk and garlic

Garlic reduces LDL cholesterol, increases immunity, protects against heart disease, and milk contains beneficial bacteria that lower blood pressure and increase body immunity.

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