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Friday, July 12, 2019

Tummy Tucks After Hirth

Tummy Tucks After Hirth
Tummy tuck after birth

The woman suffers from changes in her body and shape during pregnancy and after childbirth. The most common problems are abdominal skin enlargement, slouching and cracking. Months to go if Caesarean delivery, so prefer to wait until this period expires to begin looking for ways to get rid of this problem and disturbing, and we will talk about ways to tighten the abdomen after birth in this article.

Tummy tuck exercises after birth
Catch abdominal muscles before beginning exercise

Stretching the body straight on the ground, then placing the hands together behind the head, completely relaxing the body, lifting the head and back up, getting down while maintaining the integrity of the body, tightening the abdominal muscles during the exercise, repeating the exercise five times, Again for exercise, repeat four or five times a day.

Upper abdominal muscles exercise

Bring a pillow, place a chair, sit back at it, keep looking at a fixed point on the ceiling of the room to avoid bending the neck while performing the exercise, place the pad on the chest area, tighten hands, start to sit, repeat exercise five times, From rest, re-exercise three times.

Lower abdominal muscles exercise

Straightening the knees, lifting the feet from the ground, lifting the knees towards the abdomen, repeating the exercise five times in a row, then relaxing and repeating it in three groups.

Recipes to tighten the abdomen after birth
Alum and corn starch

Mix the cornstarch with the soft semolina, olive oil and a little water, then mix the mixture on the abdominal area, leave until dry completely, then remove with a cloth dampened with warm water, and repeat this process daily.

Clove oil and jasmine oil

Mix the clove oil with the jasmine oil well, then massage the abdominal area with the mixture, and repeat the process until the abdominal dilations disappear.

Coffee ground with water

Mix two large tablespoons of coffee with a little lukewarm water until you become dough, then massage the abdomen in one direction for five minutes, then massage for another five minutes, and continue massage for 30 minutes.

Green tea with ginger

Mix a tablespoon of green tea with a tablespoon of ginger, pomegranate peel, fresh mint leaves, add a glass of water to the ingredients and boiled, then eat the drink immediately after eating, preferably eaten unsweetened, after each meal.


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