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Friday, June 28, 2019

Healthy Eating Habits That You Have to Practice Right Now 24

Healthy Eating Habits That You Have to Practice Right Now 24

How modern people care for their health. Everyone worries about how to control exercise and food. Some say breakfast is important, and some say that they have to stop drinking carbonated drinks.
You can eat nutritious foods while removing unnecessary calories even if you change your eating habits just as you normally do. The question is whether to keep habit for the future.

Below are 24 eating habits that you should practice immediately. This is an article by Katie Morford, author of "Best Lunch Box Ever," a blogger in Huffington Post USA.

You may want to try some of these things that you can like and feel free to do. The most important thing is to become a habit.

  • 1 always eat vegetables for breakfast. Drink vegetable juices or scrambled eggs if you have any remaining vegetables. Have breakfast with bagels or toast with avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers.

  • 2 Avoid high-calorie coffee beverages. Starbucks white chocolate mocha calories are 620Kcal. And it contains 27g of fat. Try replacing it with a small cappuccino of 90kcal.

  • 3 I change the habit of snacking. Instead of processed foods, try replacing whole foods with nuts. There is a similar amount of calories in a bag of potato chips and a fist of nuts. However, I do not have a feeling of fullness and I want to continue eating potato chips, but when I eat a handful of nuts I feel full.

  • 4 Sweet food is eaten, but eat only a small amount. It does not mean not to eat at all. For example, eat a piece of dark chocolate, yogurt ice cream, and a little cup cake for dessert.

  • 5 When you eat food in a restaurant, you eat it with your friends or eat it in half. The calories in a dish of a family restaurant are similar to the calories of a two-meal meal.

  • 6 Avoid soda or high-sugar beverages. The sugar in iced tea and sports drinks is also enormous. If you can, drink water and drink juice or sparkling water. It's good to drink a cup of sugar-free tea.

  • 7 Eat meat with less fat. Depending on which part of the meat you buy, it has a significant effect on calorie and fat intake. The fact that 113 grams of flower fillet contains more than 100Kcal of calories and 15g of fat than ordinary sirloin!

    • 8 Eliminate the habit of taking a nap. Clean up the kitchen after dinner and make it a forbidden zone.

    • 9 Reduce habit of stopping at the bar after dinner. Beer, wine and other mainstream calories are really huge. And what about the rest?

    • 10 Have lunch. Lunch is cheap and you can choose the contents directly.

    • 11 If you eat out, order vegetable or fruit as an auxiliary menu. Then, even if you eat out enough vegetables and fruits you can get enough.

    • 12 When buying cows, pigs, and poultry, consider quality rather than quantity. Organic wild meat is, of course, expensive. But I want you to choose it considering health and environment.

    • 13 Choose from a variety of fruits and vegetables. The most vitamin minerals and phytochemical effects can be seen by eating different colors of fruits and vegetables. Use your local market or NACF.

    • 14 Reduce eating out. If you cook with your own ingredients, you will enjoy a light and delicious meal.

    • 15 Eat bread made of whole grain. Even whole wheat can be used for dessert or pancakes.

    • 16 Eat a lot of soybeans. bean Is a delicious, cheap and nutritious food. Kidney beans, black beans, chick peas, peas and so on. There are many kinds. In addition to rice, salads and soup, you can cook beans with various recipes.

    • 17 Fill half of the meal plate with vegetables and fruits unconditionally. And eat the rest with protein and cereal food.

    • 18 Change the type of peanut butter. If you eat processed butter that contains sugar and hardened fat, then choose organic peanut butter that is not added to anything other than peanuts and a little salt.

    • 19 Observe your belly button watch. It is right to eat when the stomach is surely hungry. Instead, you should stop when the boat calls. Everyone knows that it's easy to say, but it's really hard to stop.

    • 20 Let's eat whole grains instead of refined grains. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat, barley, and quinoa contain not only fiber but also abundant nutrients.

    • 21 If you choose the processed food, let's choose 5 or less ingredients. In other words, take a habit of carefully reading food labels to find out what ingredients are contained and avoid buying too many components.

    • 22 Have a lot of vegetables in the station. Chopped onions, garlic, green vegetables, carrots, mushrooms, and many other vegetables can be included as much as possible.

    • 23 I choose seafood well and eat it. Select and choose seafood that is susceptible to the environment and seafood that is not. 'Seefood Watch' provides information on fish and shellfish.

    • 24 Try whole grain pasta. Try replacing whole grain pasta noodles with pasta sauce your family normally enjoys.

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